Recurring ecommerce made scalable

Leveraging the latest web technologies the ZigZap platform scales recurring ecommerce businesses.


ZigZap is a product by Concepts Collective, a United States based development agency.

We realized that there was a need for ZigZap after working on our customers ecommerce projects.

ZigZap is a scalable microservice, API driven engine for growth that can import data from solutions that have trouble scaling like WooCommerce.


The underlying architecture of ZigZap shares the same roots as popular platforms like Instagram. We leverage the same scalable programming framework and language that has been used for countless successful websites over the last 10+ years.

ZigZap is the result of a clumination of many years of ecommerce projects. We are only taking on select clients today but email us and we can tell you if we can enable your company to scale successfully.

Don't keep putting a bandage on a system that always has issues with your business. You can scale with ZigZap!


ZigZap can be adapted to your own unique look and feel. Don't worry about ensuring your unqiue experience is preserved.


ZigZap enables your custom design to be implemented on top of our state of the art ecommerce system.

Affiliate Tracking

ZigZap enables online marketing experts to track affiliate sales through our platform.


Concepts Collective integrates ZigZap into a variety of ecommerce websites.

ZigZap is not avialable to the general public yet.
Please email for more information.